Politics and Data

Politics suck. Data is beautiful.

Being a citizen of the US right now is not too much fun (but after Biden getting elected, things might be looking up). Corporations have more power than the citizens and that's mostly due to complicated terms of service and apathy from users. I commend the EU for implementing the GDPR and forcing disclosure of tracking and selling of user data. That being said, this site will never keep any data pertaining to visitors, nor will it have user tracking, and it will never have ads.

I believe in openness and sharing for the common good. This includes all things, not just information or software. There are many in the industry that believe in open source software and refuse to understand how it gets it's roots from socialism. In fact my strong beliefs in open source software, I have become far-left (in so far as the United States) in my political beliefs. The richest country in the world is essentially third-world and it's entirely due to capitalism. Let this site, GNU/Linux, and open source software be the proof that money doesn't drive innovation or creativity.

I give to you freely that which I have and all I expect from others is what I need to continue. Since I get all I need from other avenues, including the server and software running the site, I don't expect anything from the users here.

Any information on this site has gained from my personal experience and research. I don't add my name or this web address to any software or scripts available for download. Feel free to use it as you wish, citing it if you want (unless you are copying it to a place that uses it to make money then I ask you at least cite that you gained the information here). I have settled on the Apache 2.0 license for all content on this site and ask that you do the same for anything you can.